Modi is the man Nostradamus predicted about: BJP MP

New Delhi: BJP's Lok Sabha member Kirit Somaiya on Monday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the man from French soothsayer Nostradamus' prophecy, who will take India to new heights.

Speaking in the Lok Sabha on the supplementary demands for grants, Somaiya said: "The prediction that Nostradamus made that a leader will emerge in the east, and will take India to new heights, Modi is that leader."

Nostradamus, a famous 16th century soothsayer is said to have predicted several historic events, including the rise of Hitler and the collapse of the World Trade Centre in 2001.

Similar statements were made earlier by other Bharatiya Janata Party members, including Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju who had shared the prophecy on his Facebook page.

Somaiya also took a dig at the opposition for raising demonetisation issue in every debate.

"When we were debating budget, they raised demonetisation. Even today (Monday) they raised it... Talking about demonetisation, they suffered devaluation so badly that one will have to search for Congress in Uttar Pradesh," Somaiya said.