Modi in Arunachal: Healthcare must be affordable without compromising on quality

New Delhi, Feb 15: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, to inaugurate the Dorjee Khandu State Convention Centre in the state capital. The Centre is expected to become a significant landmark of the city.

The PM sounded enthusiastic when he said, "The Arunachal from which the sun rises, in the coming days, it will be from here that the rays of development will take place. I am personally going to tell people -- go to Arunachal Pradesh and hold your important meetings at the convention centre. Why should meetings only be held in the national capital? We must go to all states and that is why I came to Shillong for a Northeastern Council meeting and an important meeting related to agriculture was held in Sikkim," the PM said.

The PM said healthcare must be affordable without compomising on quality, "We are working towards building medical colleges across the country. This is because, when one studies in a particular area, one becomes better acquainted with the local health challenges.  

"Morarji Desai was the last PM to attend the North East Council meeting, no PM had the time to attend it after that. They became very busy. But I have come because of you. That's why I went to attend the North East Council meeting," the PM.

In Arunachal Pradesh, he will participate in three programmes, including the inauguration of the Dorjee Khandu state convention centre in Itanagar. He will also dedicate the state civil secretariat building and lay the foundation stone of the academic block of the Tomo Riba Institute of Health and Medical Science. From Arunachal Pradesh, Modi will proceed to Tripura where he will address two election rallies in Shanti Bazaar and Agartala.

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