Modi, BJP serial abusers, must apologize: Congress

New Delhi, Nov 22  Calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP leaders as "serial abusers", the Congress on Wednesday asked both to apologize for lowering the level of political discourse.

The Congress said the latest culprit was BJP MP Paresh Rawal's comment after a meme by "Yuva Desh" on Tuesday targeted Modi, forcing Congress youth wing chief Amarinder Singh Raja to apologize.

Rawal deleted the tweet late on Tuesday night and admitted it was in "bad taste".

"Modi and the BJP have made a habit of brazenly and perpetually escaping after making crass, crude, insensitive, derogatory and vulgar remarks. Not even a BJP worker at the lowest level of its hierarchy has ever apologized for making uncouth comments," said Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi.

"Be it their political opponents, or any community, be it women or Dalits -- all of them have been prime targets in their deplorable discourses." 

The Congress leader said to make derogatory remarks, lower the quality of discourse and then to get away unapologetically formed the basic mantra of the BJP.

"He (Modi) targeted the Congress and compared it with termites. He also compared the Congress symbol with bloodstained palm. Did Modi apologize when he called former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as 'nightwatchmen'?" Singhvi asked.

"Did he apologize to the nation when he called Congress President Sonia Gandhi as ‘jersey cow' and Vice President Rahul Gandhi as ‘hybrid calf'?"

"Did Modi express any remorse when he said 'he had taken a random survey of 20 people and all of them said they would not hire Soniaji even as a clerk'? Did he apologize for his raincoat remark on Manmohan Singh or for calling the journalists 'bazaroo'?"