Modi, BJP are liars...Rahul, sister Priyanka tear into PM in Taj city...VIDEOS

Agra, April 15: Congress President Rahul Gandhi and party general secretaries Priyanka Gandhi and Jyotiraditya Scindia on Monday launched a scathing attack on the Bharatiya Janata Party and Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a road show in Agra.

 Priyanka alleged that the BJP had deviated from the path of truth and it seemed that the saffron party neither has faith in democracy nor in the people.

The Congress secretary general in-charge for Uttar Pradesh (East) also said the BJP instead of speaking about India and what it had done for its youth was talking about Pakistan.

"It seems that the government has faith neither in democracy, its institutions nor the people..had they been real nationalists they would have tread the path of truth.

"They would have understood that this country is based on truth and those who deviate from it are not let will also not be excused as you, too, have deviated from the path of truth long ago," she said at a rally here.

The Congress leader was campaigning for the party's Fatehpur Sikri Lok Sabha seat candidate and Uttar Pradesh unit president Raj Babbar.

Lashing out at the BJP government, Priyanka Gandhi said during election time, they are talking about nationalism and Pakistan.

"They must talk about India, what they have done for the youth, farmers and other sections of society. They must tell what their agenda for women and women security is,"she said.

Taking a dig at the BJP publicity campaign, she said the truth is being "drowned" in such campaigns.

"I have seen the reality in the eyes of youth who complain about jobs, seen it in the eyes of potato growers who come to Rae Bareli and Lucknow to tell about their loans and the high costs that they have to bear," Priyanka Gandhi said.

Citing the example of a farmer here who reportedly sold his produce for Rs 490 and send the money to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a mark of protest, she said,"He sent this money to the PM to apprise him about the truth of the country and its farmers."

"The truth is being drowned in all know better...whenever a question is raised the questioner is told that he is an anti-national," Priyanka Gandhi said.

She, while talking about the Congress manifesto, mistakenly said that "aisi yojnaein ghoshna patra mein hai jisse aapko swastha sarkari aspatalon mein muft milega (There are schemes in the manifesto through which you will get free health in government hospitals)".

However, the Congress leader was quick to realise her mistake and smilingly remarked,"Swastha nahin... matlab swastha ki jaanch aur swastha ka ilaj muft milega (Not swasth (health)...I mean diagnosis and treatment will be free)."

She quipped that "swastha bhi mil jaye toh achcha hain (It will be great if health can be given for free)".

Addressing the gathering in Jarar Mandi in Bah tehsil, around 70 km from Agra city, Priyanka Gandhi said: "The public resources are being spent on massive publicity campaigns. From food packets to radio and TV, there was publicity for the BJP everywhere."

"No one seemed concerned about unemployed youth or the plight of the poor farmers," she said.

"Whoever raised basic issues, was dubbed as anti-national. If the BJP was concerned about 'nationalism' why institutions that strengthened nationalism were being eroded," she questioned.

"The NYAY scheme would empower the poor," Priyanka said.

Lashing out at the BJP, Rahul Gandhi raised three issues -- employment for youth, loan waivers for farmers and Rs 15 lakh in the bank accounts of people -- dubbing them as big lies of the saffron party.

"The demonetisation had badly affected the poor and the farmers," he said.

He also emphasised that whatever the Congress has promised in its manifesto will definitely be implemented.

The Congress President also wondered from where the money for all the publicity is coming.

Earlier, Congress candidate from Fatehpur Sikri Lok Sabha seat Raj Babbar demanded to convert the parliamentary constituency into a district along with the establishment of a Sainik School here.


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