MNS comes in support of Bhabhi Ji. Watch Press Conference

New Delhi : Bhabhi Ji's fight against CINTA and producer Binaifer Kohli have taken a political turn whereas Shilpa Shinde has denied contacting MNS for Support.

Shilpa Shinde addressed a press Conference with Amey Khopkar, President of Maharashtra NavNirman Chitrapat Karmachai Sena- the film wing of Raj Thakrey led MNS, and Shalini Thakrey- Raj Thakrey's cousin Jitendra's wife.

Accusing CINTA and producer Binaifer Kohli playing game of duplicity against Shilpa Shinde, Shalini said it is all happening because Shilpa is Marathi, making it as Marathi- Non Marathi fight, no organisation nor any producer ganged up against any other actors for leaving the shows and gave example of Pratyusha Banerjee, its only Shilpa being targeted because she is Marathi.

"No one can take any Artist's constitutional right to work wherever he/she wants and No organisation can threaten any artist".

Amey Khopkar also made it clear that they will not allow CINTA or any producer to issue a non-cooperative directive against Shilpa as the matter has gone legal now.

However Shilpa has denied that she have sought help from MNS but MNS film wing has made it clear that they will protest in their usual style. 

If the actor is banned from working in Maharashtra and we will take action against Channel and producer in our style and if they feel this is a threat, so be it  said Khopkar to reporters.