Mira and Misha are my responsibilities: Shahid



Misha Kapoor has turned out to be a bigger star than her superstar daddy. Recently, Misha’s mother Mira Rajput Kapoor posted an extremely cute boomerang on Instagram of Misha dancing around.

Misha was also spotted after her art class as daddy Shahid Kapoor picked her up from there. She is also seen hanging around her playdates! 

A day ago, Shahid in an interview with a leading daily expressed his feelings about the constant media glare that follows his one-year-old daughter. “My daughter didn’t choose this glamorous life. What’s her fault? I hate to think of all the glare that’s on her. That is probably the only time I feel I should have had another job. I don’t want her to bear with it. It’s not good for kids to go through this. They have a right to a normal childhood.”

Admitting that his own stardom plays a major part in it, Shahid added, “She has to handle with it because I am her dad. It’s tough for me, as a parent, to make peace with that. I hope she will learn how to tackle it when she grows up. Misha is the only one that soothes me in a world filled with harsh critics. I am responsible for a woman who has left her life in Delhi to be with me. I am responsible for my daughter and must be an example for her. I have to be a good human being first, a good actor later. I’ve realized that this drastic shift is helping me grow as both.”