Mini's got a TV show!




We caught up with Mini Mathur to talk about her new show on TLC that also starts her adorable daughter. 

Mini Me is a 10-part series that chronicles an unconventional journey that spans 6 countries in 25 days.

Mini Mathur will travel across Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Montenegro and Croatia with her 7-year-old daughter in an attempt to bond & connect with her second born. It an amazing series about a mother-child duo that explore countries and in the process, connect with their deeper personalities. 

Speaking on the movie, she says, "So, it’s called Mini Me and will be on TLC every Friday at 9:00 p.m! It’s basically like a travelogue that chronicles my adventures all over Europe with my 7-year-old daughter. It’s actually one of a kind when you think about it because we haven’t seen anything like this on Indian TV. It’s a unique experience for me as well! I remember reading this quote that said that, you have a really small window to travel with your kids and that window starts closing from the second they are born. I remember reading that and being a little shaken up. So I looked at my daughter and said, “Let’s go!” We put an all women crew together too! When I set out to produce this show I didn’t want to be one of those shows that showcase people and places and have to fake what I’m really thinking. I wanted it to be as organic as possible and that’s how it started out."

On making of the concept, "I put a few tent poles in place! I also made an itinerary that was based on two things; incorporating every mode of transport and secondly, we would stay in all kinds of places. So, yes we would stay in luxury hotels and stuff but we can’t the world through just a castle window. So, we decided that we will stay in youth acommodations as well. Another important tent pole was that we weren’t going to do anything touristy. You can do that stuff anytime in your life. What I wanted to showcase is that travel can be of many other kinds too. So it wasn’t fixed, it was kinda like going with the flow."

Continuing on her conception, she says, "It’s actually really crazy! Each episode has dealt with a different experience and it’s difficult for me to point out one thing. Every city was a new experience has so many great memories and stories to it. For example, we researched what was so special about Maples and found out it was the birthplace of the Margarita pizza. So we discovered all the oldest pizzerias to realize what makes them so special."

Finally, on work-life balance, "I balance it the same way every other woman in the country does! It’s a fact that women are really good at multi-tasking! We just don’t get enough credit for it and nobody really recharges our batteries. We’re busy making everyone else happy and making sure they’re okay. We forget to take care of ourselves. It is a tough balance no doubt, but I think women are just born with a large heart! I think that people are learning that they need to put back in the box as much as they take out! For me as a mother, a performer, a wife and a professional in my own right, I find this balance very precarious but also something I can do if I try to not be perfect all the time. Perfection is a myth. Trying to make everything picture perfect will just stress you out. Now I have settled with the feeling that not everything in my life has to be perfect as long as I am happy at all levels!"