This milk will cost you Rs 3000/litre

New Delhi, July 8: These days the demand for Camel milk has grown rapidly in many parts of India. The popularity of milk has escalated so much that in some states you need to pay a whopping Rs 3000 per litre. 

Here are the benefits of camel milk: 

It's believed that camel milk tastes very much like cow's milk, however, it is a bit more salty with a hint of sourness. Now the main point it how the milk is so nutritious. Experts claim that the milk is has emerged a big source of powerhouse. Here are the views of nutritionists: 

Just like many trendy milks before it, camel milk contains many nutritional benefits.

It's low in lactose. Camel milk contains less lactose than normal milk, and thereore it is easier to digest for lactose intolerance. 

The milk has emerged a better choice nutritionally than plant milks. If you currently drink plant milk for a reason other than being dairy-free, camel milk could be something to consider.

Meanwhile, plenty of those nutrients that are commonly fortified are naturally found in camel milk.

Camel milk is also lower in fat and cholesterol, and is highly rich in antioxidants and protein. According to a recent research, camel milk has three times the amount of vitamin C and 10 times the amount of iron when compared to cow milk.