Militants target education in Pakistan

New Delhi: Militants have long targeted education in Pakistan, over the past few years hundreds of schools have been blown up here.

From the shooting of schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai in Swat in 2012 to the Peshawar massacre and attack on Bacha Khan University, everything seems to be a part of long campaign against the country's education system.

Data shows that Pakistan tops the chart of the country that experienced the most terrorist attacks on educational targets between 1970 and 2013.

On Friday, the Taliban faction behind the Bacha Khan attack vowed to continue targeting schools and students, calling them "nurseries" for those who challenge Allah's law.

In an interview to Deutsche Welle, Omar Hamid, head of Asia Pacific Country Risk at the global analytics firm IHS in London, once said “the school likely represented a soft target for the militants, who have seen their operational capabilities weakened under the military crackdown.”

The militant organization has a history of attacking schools and students, but an unprecedented rise in the attacks has raised the question of why the group uses such a horrific tactic.

(Edited by Pooja Tyagi, who can be reached at [email protected])