Microsoft has a very good news for you!


San Francisco, Dec 16: Microsoft has filed a patent for a foldable dual-screen notebook which is quite like the companys "Courier" concept -- a booklet PC which was first reported in 2008 and then cancelled in 2010.

"It shows the now well described dual-screened device with a first and second 'surface' with the 'self-regulating hinges' which would allow the device to be positioned in a number of ways similar to a Lenovo Yoga but without any of the thickness associated with a regular hinge," reported late on Friday.

The patent, filed at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), includes intricate details around how the hinge works. However, there are not much details about software for such a device.

Notably, Microsoft appears to have used the special hinge to solve the bezel problem of having two screens.

The design shows two edge-to-edge displays which are positioned such that they touch each other without any significant gap.

The company is also reportedly using gear-like cogs to create this adjustable hinge, allowing the device to hold in different positions.