#MeToo: Tanushree Dutta accuses police for the slow progress in Nana Patekar case

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, May 15: Former actress Tanushree Dutta made headlines by accusing the veteran actor Nana Patekar for sexually harassing her 10 years ago on the sets of the film 'Horn Ok Pleassss'. Tanushree, after returning to India, filed an FIR against Nana Patekar, 7 months back. Tanushree recorded her statements with police against Nana Patekar but she noticed no development in the case.

Tanushree reacting on the progress of the case was quoted saying as, "Who are these 15 witnesses? Are they from my side or Nana's side? They are Nana's friends, then why will they corroborate my story. I don't need witnesses to prove that I was harassed. The truth is sometimes difficult to prove in a court of law when it comes to harassment. The cops have been so slow with the probe. Most of the people from whom they are taking statements are the ones who watched me getting harassed and did nothing to support me. So why will they now speak in my support. The mentality of people is such that they will lie to protect such criminals and prove the woman wrong."

However, Tanushree also stated that people who are supporting her are being threatened by Nana Patekar. A report stated that statements of choreographer Ganesh Acharya and Bollywood actress Daisy Shah have been recorded in the matter as they were present on the sets of this film.

"In a way, I needed retribution too from the incident that pushed me back several years in my professional life. But now it's time for her to return to routine life in the US. I live there now. I was anyways supposed to go back eventually. This became a very long holiday by default and I'll be back again. But I'm going to miss it though, my family and everything else here," Tanushree said earlier during her visit to India.

She is sure the "MeToo Movement" will go on in India regardless of her presence. "Nothing should be dependent on me because when things are dependent on the initiative by a single individual, they get bound and don't flourish freely in its own time," the actress said earlier.