Meet this 'Pad Couple' who distribute 5000 pads every month

New Delhi, Feb 13: One incident or sight that Surat's Meena Mehta witnessed her life. "I drew inspiration when I saw 2 poor girls collecting sanitary pads from the dustbin, when I asked them why, they said they collect them every month, wash and use them since they can't afford to buy the sanitary pads."

That day and this day. Meena Mehta has vowed to lend a helping hand to these women. "I urge people to help such women," she says.

Surat's 'Pad couple Meena  and Atul Mehta have been distributing about 5000 sanitary pads every month from the last five years to women who cannot afford to buy it. They distribute sanitary pads at slums, municipal schools and Anganwaadis.

This benevolent act has been going on for years, but has caught the attention of the media after Akshay Kumar dared to take out this otherwise taboo topic out from the closet. At last people are talking about periods and menstrual cycles and this way the attention is being attracted towards the hygiene and health of women, specially in remote villages who cannot afford to buy sanitary pads and use unhygienic methods which affects their health.