Meet this Kasmiri girl who has a unique way of loving Allaah

New Delhi: Badr-un-Nisa Bhat may have chosen an off-beat and peaceful method of expressing her solidarity with religion in general and Sufism in particular.  

This 20-year-old girl from Kashmir has chosen to expresses her Sufi thoughts through her paintings.

Nisa Bhat, who is also a student in Srinagar was inspired by Sufi teachings and traditions.

And this young artist also dares to be different her work also showcases Sufi women who are otherwise less talked about in contemporary Sufi art.  

She credits her family for her successful journey this far. She says that she wants to show Sufi perspective and connection with Allah. "I focus on less talked about subject, the Sufi women," says the shy artist. Her paintings have been exhibited in Turkey and Australia and major exhibitions are on the cards in the coming days. She repents that there is not a single Art Gallery in Kashmir and because of this artists like her have to suffer.