Meet this highest paid YouTuber, this is her biggest secret!

Trisha Malhotra, New Delhi, Nov 17: The zeal to be successful happens to be triggering in every youngester but other than catching the glittering and fancyful career options like acting, there are oodles of career options and stories to inspire.

It's time to break the mould an try out something different and interesting. It isn't true that only a Bollywood or Hollywood star has the catch by being fondly known on the silver screen; the ability to get acknowledged and be happily successful has many more outlooks. Or for that matter, only doctors, engineers or bureaucrats are the only ones to be hailed as successful.

With the generation that has been growing, everything has been shifting to digital and more than the fondness and popularity of Television, youth has attacked careers like blogging, youtube, a stand-up comedian or owning a renowned website! 

Youtube has been a hub to entertainment and every youngster's all-time favorite rescue for music or TV shows or movies and it's true that many people prefer having their own Youtube channel varying from dealing with depression to happy-funny videos and most of it is a treat! One of the most popular YouTubers, Lilly Singh has over 2 billion views and 12 million subscribers which is incredible in its own way. Her subtle talent of standing out with her acts and connecting with the audience has been quite a thing to remember.

Born and raised in Scarborough, Toronto, she was raised as a Sikh being originally from Punjab. Her constant visits to Punjab made her adore the heritage. Where she fell in an unhealthy state of mind, depression, she started making Youtube videos under the pseudonym 'IISuperwomanII' to fight against it. She explains that Superwoman was prompted by a childhood idea that she had an invisible "S" on her chest, making her believe she can do anything.

It was in not time, she became one of the most renowned and highest paid YouTubers in the world. She is also honored with awards like MTV Fandom Award, four Streamy Awards, and two Teen Choice Awards! Now, not only is she just a YouTuber, she has pushed herself out of the way and is often seen performing on the stage of events. Lilly remains to evoke the sense of passion in many youngsters today!