Meet the man who lived without heart

Have you ever imagined someone surviving without a heart in his body?

Well! Here is one such case in medical history.

The case was recorded in 2011, Craig Lewis- a 55-year-old man lived for five weeks without a pulse.

Lewis was diagnosed with “amyloidosis,” it’s a rare autoimmune disease that fills internal organs with a viscous protein that causes rapid heart, kidney and liver failure.

In March 2011, he was admitted to the Texas Heart Institute, where Dr. Billy Cohn and Dr. Bud Frazier removed Lewis’ heart and implanted a device named “continuous flow” which would allow blood to circulate throughout his body without a pulse.

With the implant, Lewis lived for five weeks without a pulse.

The device is formed by intricately tying together two ventricular assist devices, replacing the entire heart.

Craig Lewis was the first human to receive this technology. The procedure took less than 48 hours and was a great success.

His kidneys and liver were not so lucky however, they were failing him and after a few months his family asked the doctors to unplug the device, resulting in Lewi’s death.

News24 Bureau