Meet the couple from UP which has 51 children

New Delhi, Dec 8: Once unable to have children of their own, a farmer couple (Meena Rana, 50 and Virender Rana, 55) from Muzaffarnagar decided to adopt an abandoned, disabled boy in 1990. Interestingly after three decades, the same couple are now proud parents to 51 such children.

The couple decided to run an orphanage on a donated land in Shukrtaal. The orphanage runs on an eight bigha plot which also has small school premises, a fully equipped kitchen, rooms and a big playground. At present, the couple is taking care of 46 children, some of the children grew up took up jobs, got married, and moved away. The orphanage run by the couple totally depends on the donations.   

Out of these 46 children, 19 are girls and 27 boys, many of them physically challenged, 

One of them is Mamta, a 22-year-old girl, who is currently pursuing postgraduation at a district college. 

When Mamta was asked about her and the couple running the orphanage she said,"I don't know what my future would have been if they had not taken me into their care. I owe them my life,".