Meet Kaveri Kapoor: The new singing sensation of the world!

The sweet voice of this young star kid will captivate you—and why shouldn’t it? This little lad has talent in her genes from her equally talented parents. She is Kaveri Kapur and has a voice to reckon with! 

Kapur’s father, Shekar Kapur is a film director, producer, and actor and has created successful films like “Elizabeth” and “Bandit Queen.”

Mom Suchitra Krishnamoorthi is a singer, writer, and actress that debuted as an actress in 1993 opposite Shah Rukh Khan in “Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa.” 

Kaveri's new single "Did You Know" has enchanted us with her melodic voice. Her range, her lyrics and her talent will definitely outshine her parents and her famous lastname. Everyone is so surprised to hear that Kapur is only 15-years-old—many of her parent’s colleagues couldn’t believe how fast time has gone as they have seen her grow up in front of their eyes.  As the praise for the “Did You Know” singer rolls in, check out what some of the B-town stars had to say!

Here is a video-clip of her song: