Meet Instagram's ‘most hated teenager'

From luxurious cars to Rolex watches and Apple's latest products, Param Sharma, a wealthy Indian teenager based in San Fransisco, USA has it all. But what made Param "Instagram's most hated teenager" is his attitude of flaunting money and expensive things to the point of annoying everyone.

18-year-old Param's Instagram account @itslavishbitch, is flooded with pictures of his lavish lifestyle.  The teenager's posts include photos of him drowning in cash, exhibiting Louis Vuitton luggage, and calling his fans "peasants".

Param has over 400,000 followers, who usually leave derisive comments on his posts. In one of the photographs, Param is seen travelling in a Limousine. The photo is accompanied by a message, "Being driven around in limos and living the good life while you just sit around and watch."

In another post, he is seen lying with cash on his chest. "More money on my chest than in yo bank account #30k," the teenager wrote on Instagram.

His Insta account floats with several such posts and photographs.