Meet 24-year-old Roman Saini who gave up his IAS stature to turn e-tutor

New Delhi: He cracked the civil services entrance exams at the age of 22 and went on becoming the youngest IAS officer.

However, this doesn’t give him the sense of satisfaction and finally he decided to give up the stature and turn an e-tutor.

After two years in service as assistant collector of Jabalpur, he ventured into an area where he may neither earn like a doctor nor wield clout like a babu. In order to serve the society through his entrepreneurial endeavor, he started giving free online teaching for UPSC aspirants. He has been providing his services through this website Unacademy.

He uploads lectures on his Unacademy platform on YouTube for those aspiring to become doctors, civil servants, computer programmers, even experts in foreign languages.

Ten followers have cleared the civil services exams and more than 1.1 crore have viewed the videos, while Unacademy has 20,000 Twitter followers and 64,000 Facebook likes.

Roman is from a small village ' Kotputli ' from Rajasthan. roman's mother is a house wife and father is an engineer. He is the first IAS officer from his family.

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