Mathura women seek police help to live as married couple

Mathura, Feb 19: Seeking to live with each other as a married couple, two Mathura women have now approached police on Saturday and conveyed their wish as their parents have denied them to do so.

This is the latest incidence of same-sex love in a country where such relationships are considered illegal.

The women told police that earlier they were friends but later realised that they want to marry each other and when they told their family members about it, they faced hostilities. The families of both the girls have straight away refused to accept this relationship.

One of the women told police,“I was beaten mercilessly by my family members as they did not accept our relationship. We want to marry each other and if it is not allowed we will commit suicide,”

The station officers called the families but all relatives were opposed to the relationship, said Raya police station in-charge Anil Kumar. The women told police they belonged to different villages but were of the same caste.