Mary Kom: Each of her medals has a touching story of struggle

Trisha Malhotra, New Delhi, Nov 14: Mary Kom’s touching line ‘Every one of my medals is a story of struggle’ which she said after winning her Gold Medal at the Asian Boxing Championship not even a week back, encapsulates her journey. The journey which was full of struggles and hiccups and from which she emerged a winner basking in the glory of gold and silver. 

A phenomenal woman who redefined the meaning of struggles and passion in outstanding ways indeed stands as one of the most inspirational people in the world. One in a million, Mary Kom has proved her zeal with myriads of glorious achievements in boxing that still remains untouched!
Born in a poor family in Kangthei Village, Mary walked an extra mile to get past her struggles to achieve what she eagerly wanted to. Despite her parents being tenant farms who worked in Jhum fields, Mary grew up in sober and humble surroundings and helped her parents with farm-related work with schooling. 

It is known that Kom's father was a keen wrestler in his younger days and it was in no time that Mary acknowledged her interest in the same direction. 
Talking about her school participation, Kom was always seen being a part of sports like volleyball, football, and athletics. It was the terrific success of Dingko Singh at the Asian Games that evoked a sense of passion in Mary Kom and there it was, she was unstoppable. 
Being the eldest of four siblings, she not only had focus on her education but also fend for her family from a young age but once she was aware of sheer love for boxing, she did not leave any stone unturned in evolving herself as a hero regardless of her tough and opposition from parents for boxing.
Undaunted by the opposition, Mary made her way to Imphal and trained under her first renowned coach K. Kosana Meitei and later under the Manipur State Boxing Coach, M. Narjit Singh at Khuman Lampak. Regardless of her parents strongly believing that boxing would hurt their daughter's face that may ruin her chances of marriage, nothing seemed to change Mary Kom's decision of excelling Boxing. She trained rigorously as a child and it took her every ounce of courage to hide it from her father. Fortunately, it was after she won the State Boxing Championship in 2000 that her father began supporting Kom's pursuits in boxing!

At the age of 18, she participated in her first world championship in Scranton, and left everyone in shock while she made her way to the finals, however, she was unable to win the final and had to be content with a silver medal. In 2002, in Antalya World Championship she won a Gold, and with this, her golden run continued as she went on to win golds at Podolsk in 2005 and New Delhi in 2006. 
Where a thought of her ending career came to an existence with her marriage and pregnancy, Mary held the country's pride and made high and bold achievements post that. 
She has made a string of unreal achievements which pin downs to a point that she is undoubtedly a star in herself. Mary has carved her niche in the world of boxing and has been also honored with awards like Padma Bhushanand Padma Shri. From Olympics to Asian Women's Boxing Championship, her journey to success has been glorious! It is only recently that she proved herself yet again and won the Asian Women Boxing Championship.
Today, Mary Kom stands as one of the finest and remarkable women in the world for her rigorous hard work and excessively big achievements. It is her ability and capability of touching the silver lining in no time that inspires many and will continue to do so.