Marrying these girls can give you sleepless nights!

Marriage is one of the most important decisions of life.  It is a process of prolonging the life of love.

You decide to live with somebody for the rest of your life.

Experts claim, the kind of person you live with have a great influence on your personality.

“Your partner represents you and vice versa.”

Thus, don’t be reluctant while making this big decision of your life!

The above mentioned condition gets applicable on men and women both; however, it raises an alarm for guys.

When it comes to emotions, guys go by their heart; they have the tendency to ignore their gut feeling.

Thus, they are more prone to wrong decisions, which leave them with regrets.

To avoid regrets, be cautious!

There are girls who can give you sleepless and stressful nights, instead of pleasing ones:

Negative Thinkers

Positive attitude gives wings to life, negative attitude can cost your life. You learn a lot from the woman you are with; being with a negative thinker can turn you to a depressed personality.


Expectations are the part of relationships; they avail you with sense of relativity. But their excess can make your life toxic.


Their arrogance can cost your relationship.

Benefit seeker

Avoid being with girls who demand favours, every then and now.

(Written by Pooja Tyagi, who can be reached at [email protected])