MAPO: your personalized beauty consultant

New Delhi: When it comes to beauty and fashion, French people are second to none. Their innate sense of beauty combined with their skin care technology makes them world’s best beauty consultants.

Combining modern technology with their knowledge of skin care, French firm Wired Beauty has come up with a personalized beauty masks that not only helps you to understand the requirements of your skin but also optimizes your beauty routine.

MAPO is a battery-powered device, which collects data about your skin through an electronic facemask and transmits this information to the MAPO app on your smartphone. The app then analyzes this data and helps you find the best beauty routine in real time, while optimizing the effect of your skin care products.

Costing just $329, the miracle mask can be ordered via for shipment across the world.

(Image courtesy: Wired Beauty)

News24 Bureau