Manthan Chhattisgarh: ‘Rahul Gandhi was forced to bow before gods in temples,’ BJP

New Delhi, Dec 11: The final session of the Chhattisgarh Manthan Conclave held at Raipur was full of wit and innuendo when Congress’ P L Punia, the Dalit face of the party, hurled some questions at Saroj Pandey, the national president of BJP Mahila Morcha, which were handled deftly and intelligently.
When asked what are the main achievements of the BJP in the state she said that the achievements are many, “We have a PDS system, which is a model, which has been followed by many states. The list of our achievements is very long.” When asked why the BJP did not answer the ten questions asked by Congress on Gujarat Pandey said, “The questions of Rahul Gandhi are not worth answering. They don’t deserve a response.”
Punia was quick to respond, “BJP cannot face questions, when the prime minister is questioned on Gujarat model, he just cannot answer.”
Taking a dig at Congress Pandey said,” See the irony, the same Congress who has shied away from speaking on Ram Temple had to make its leader bow in so many temples during Gujarat Elections.”
PL Puniya was optimistic that the vast number of people in Congress rallies shows that people want change. He was certain that the Congress will come back to power in the state after 14 years.
Senior and popular BJP and Congress leaders locked  horns on many vital issues. The sessions were highly interactive at Chhattisgrah Manthan, a Conclave oragnised by News24 in Raipur. Many topical and sensitive issues like Naxalism, unemployment, demonetization, deforestation among many other topics as well were discussed at length and many facts were put threadbare.