Man votes with his 48 children...Watch VIDEO

Mumbai, Apr 18: The Indian democracy throws up surprises on polling day. It was no different story on Thursday, whena man voted with his 48 children in Amravati.Well, the man who voted with 48 children is Shankar Papa Paapkar, who is a social worker and had taken orphans with him for voting. Over the years Shankar has adopted street children which include divyangs too. This time he took all his children to vote who were eligible to vote.

Meanwhile, in Latur heads turned when 105-year-old Kabaibai Ganpati Kamble reached a polling station to cast her vote in the Lok Sabha elections in Maharashtra.Seated on a wheelchair, Kabaibai was accompanied by her grown up children and other fourth-generation relatives to the polling station in Harangul New Colony in Latur.She was cheered by other voters who clapped for her.After a dull start, voting suddenly picked up to more than triple - from around 7 per cent to over 22 per cent by 11 a.m., for the 10 Lok Sabha constituencies in the state, officials said.The highest turnout was in Parbhani (26.17 per cent) and the lowest 16.50 per cent was in Solapur.Buldhana recorded 20.49 per cent polling, Akola 21.03, Amravati 20.06, Hingoli 24.08, Nanded 24.40, Beed 18.94, Osmanabad 20.09 and Latur 23.14 per cent.The improved voting trend was described as encouraging by candidates and political activists.There were long queues of voters, including many women and first-timer voters, at many polling stations after the initial lax response.

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