Man becomes woman, derails Railways with this unique claim

Indian Railways confused

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, June 27: Railway staffer son undergoes a sex change and in his new 'daughter avatar' demands pension under the category of 'dependent unmarried daughter' leaving the department confused.In a shocking story, a Railway staffer son undergoes a sex change and leaves the department confused over pension demand.As per the rules the son of a retired Railway employee who is above 25-years is not eligible for a pension. Only an unmarried or widow daughter who is dependent on parents can claim for the same.The 32-year-old's plea is that she has already undergone sex change even before her father passed away and therefore she is eligible for the pension as she is an unmarried dependent daughter of the deceased man.This unique case has left the Railways confused and they have forwarded her case to the Ministry of Personnel, Pensions and Public Grievances, and the Department of Personnel and Training, for “wider consultations”.“There is no precedence of a case like this in the 160-year history of Indian Railways. And since government policy on this is not quite clear, we could not address the matter at our levels,” said the Senior Divisional Personnel Officer of the division that first received the letter while talking to The Indian Express.“She furnished an identity card issued by the Tamil Nadu Transgender Welfare Association issued in 2009 so we treated the matter as a transgender case. But even then, the law is either silent or at best unclear,” said a senior central government official.