Malaga president to build team capable of competing in CL

Malaga: Malaga football club's owner Sheikh Abdullah Al Thani has said that he is building a team with capabilities that qualify it for competing in the UEFA Champions League or the Europa League. Al Thani told the official media of the club on Thursday that he aims to reach the levels achieved in the 2012-13 season, when Malaga reached the Champions League quarter-finals, but got eliminated after a 2-3 loss against Borussia Dortmund, reports Efe. He also noted that he is forming the set "from scratch" as he did in 2010, the year in which he acquired the La Liga outfit. Al Thani was definitive when he said that Malaga "is not for sale," although in recent years he has received some offers with very high numbers to sell the club. As for the new season, which will start next August 19 against Osasuna, Al Thani said he hopes for his team to snatch a place within the leading positions on La Liga's table.