Make this Holi water-free, say actors

Mumbai, March 2: Actor Adhvik Mahajan, who features in the show "Laado - Veerpur Ki Mardaani", doesn't like to waste water in the name of celebration and believes Holi should be celebrated water-free. "I used to love celebrating Holi as a kid. I was the most notorious one in my group of friends. Now, I am more concerned about environment and believe in preserving the limited resources that we have," Adhvik said in a statement. Actor Arjun Bijlani too has a request for his fans. "Play with dry Holi colours and not waste water as the festival is all about colours. I suggest we keep no grudges and patch up with people we have hurt, knowingly or unknowingly," he said. Adhvik's co-star Avika Gor loves to play Holi, which will be celebrated on March 2 this year.  "The best part about it is getting to be around people you love. I like everything about this festival and most of all, the colours and water guns. I love making sweets and thandai. This year too, I plan to do the same on the sets of 'Laado...'," she said. "Udann" actor Vijayendra Kumeria recalled his childhood days. "When we were in school, we used to wear old uniforms for Holi, with the darkest possible colours hidden in our school bags. That is, without a doubt, one of my fondest memories of Holi," he said. His co-star Meera Deosthale says she will try to spend some time with her friends who are not from the industry.