Pradyuman case: Student under lens, to be produced before juvenile court

New Delhi, Nov 8: There is a major twist in the Prayuman Murder case. A class 11 student of the same school, Ryan International, is under the CBI lens. Nothing has ben confirmed yet, but the said boy has been interrogated at length. Many new faces are also in the suspicion list.

Reports are pouring in that the suspect will be produced before the juvenile court. Reports also tell that the said boy watched pornographic clips often. The hearing will take place in the Juvenile Board today.

Pradyuman was found lying in a pool of blood outside the toilet of the school's branch in  Gurgaon's Bhondsi on September 9, minutes after he was dropped off by his father. The boy's throat had been slit.

Ashok Kumar, a bus conductor, had been arrested. The police say he attempted to sexually assault the boy and then murdered him.
The school has been indicted for its lax security by a three-member Special Investigation Team. The school officials had passed the buck to the management, claiming they had not taken steps despite several appeals.  The police said they have found evidence that the management had disregarded the appeals.  The case is currently being investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation.