Main Sabarimala activist Rahul Easwar named in #MeToo by a Kerala woman

New Delhi, Oct 30, News24 Bureau: The main activist in the ongoing Sabarimala row has now been named by a Kerala woman in the #MeToo, according to a report. Activist Rahul Easwar is one of the most vocal voices in the Sabarimala issue who has been protesting tooth and nail against Supreme Court's order of lifting up the age-old ban and thereby allowing entry of women between the age group of 1o-50 into the Ayappa temple.But Easwar has denied any wrongdoing and instead said that the allegations by the woman from Thiruvananthapuram were linked to the Sabarimala issue.The said woman alleged that Easwar has forced himself on her not once, but on several occasions. This was around the early 2000s. The victim had just taken her Class 12 board exams. A friend of the victim put her entire story on the Facebook which she had received from the victim on her WhatsApp.The victim allegedly has said that Easwar tried to touch and kiss her when she went to his residence.The woman reveals that she was earlier friends with him and one day when he invited her to his house saying that her mother was also there in his house. But on reaching the premises, she realised they were alone and that was when he allegedly tried to misbehave with her."I didn't know how to respond in the beginning as I felt trapped in the house. But then I moved away and said no. He backed off. Then again he tried it multiple times until I overcame my fear and forced myself to leave," according to the Facebook post."I want to say this today, as I see him everywhere now and these memories came rushing back on how he used to be. I strongly doubt his beliefs and words. Is he sincere and means all that he is saying now? In that case, his actions were opposite to that back in those days," according to the post.Easwar reacted on a Facebook video on Monday, and said that he respected the #MeToo movement and called the allegations related to him as "fake allegations" meant to destroy his credibility.Easwar has called this a "political manipulation", and added, "I dismiss it". Further details are awaited on the murky tale.