Mahindra to partner BAE systems in $700 million howitzer deal with India

New Delhi: BAE systems has selected Mahindra as its partner for the nearly USD 700 million M-777 lightweight howitzer gun deal with India.


"BAE Systems looks forward to working with Mahindra in the coming weeks to finalize details of this AIT facility and to negotiate the terms of its contractual arrangement", Joe Senftle, vice president & general manager, weapon systems, BAE Systems Inc, said in a statement.

"As a founding partner of defence manufacturing in India, BAE Systems is pleased to partner with Mahindra on our offer to develop an assembly, integration and test facility in India. The facility is a fundamental part of the M777 production line," the statement added.


India and America are in talks for the sale of 145 M777A2 LW155 howitzers for the Indian Army, India's first purchase of howitzers since the Bofors deal in the 1980s.