Mahashivratri..Secrets of 'Bholenath' you are unaware of!

New Delhi: Mahashivratri is celebrated by the devotees of Lord Shiva all around the globe, but there are many beliefs related to Maha Shivratri. Yet the devotees are unaware of the exact reason of why Lord Shiva dressed up in tiger's skin and own 'damru' and 'trishul' in hand. 

Here are the secrets behind everything related to Lord Shiva-

· Matted locks: The three matted locks on the head of the Lord convey the idea that integration of the physical, mental and spiritual energies is the ideal of yoga.

· Ganga: River Ganges is the most sacred river of Hindus. Ganga, symbolically represented on the head of the Lord by a Mother Ganga with a jet of water signifies that the Lord destroys sin, removes ignorance, and bestows knowledge, purity and peace on the devotees.

· The crescent moon: The ornament on Lord's head symbolizes the time cycle through which creation evolves from the beginning to the end. Since the Lord is the Eternal Reality, He is beyond time.

· Three eyes: Lord Shiva, also called Tryambaka Deva is known for having three eyes: the sun is his right eye, the moon the left eye and fire the third eye. The two eyes on the right and left indicate his activity in the physical world. The third eye in the center of the forehead symbolizes spiritual knowledge and power, and is thus called the eye of wisdom or knowledge.

· Kundalas (two ear rings): two Kundalas, Alakshya (meaning "which cannot be shown by any sign") and Niranjan (meaning "which cannot be seen by mortal eyes") in the ears of the Lord signify that he is beyond ordinary perception. Since the kundala in the left ear of the Lord is of women type and the one in his right ear is of the men type, these Kundalas also symbolize the Shiva and Shakti principle of creation.

· A snake (Vasuki Naga): The three coils of the snake on Lord Shiva's neck symbolizes the past, present and future - time in cycles. The snake looking towards the right side of the Lord signifies that the Lord's eternal laws of reason and justice preserve natural order in the universe.

· Rudraksha necklace: Rudra is another name of Shiva. Rudra also means "strict or uncompromising" and aksha means "eye." Rudraksha necklace worn by the Lord illustrates that he uses his cosmic laws without compromise, to maintain law and order in the universe. The necklace has 108 beads which symbolize the elements used in the creation of the world.

· Varda Mudra: Lord Shiva annihilates evil, grants boons, bestows grace, destroys ignorance, and awakens wisdom in his devotees through this mudra.

· Trident (Trisula): A three-pronged trident symbolizes Lord's three fundamental powers (shakti) of will (iccha), action (kriya) and knowledge (jnana). The trident also symbolizes the Lord's power to destroy evil and ignorance.

· Damru: A damru symbolizes the two dissimilar states of existence, unmanifest and manifest. When a damaru is vibrated, it produces dissimilar sounds which symbolizes Nada, the cosmic sound of AUM, which can be heard during deep meditation.

· Kamandalu: A water pot (Kamandalu) made from a dry pumpkin contains nectar and is shown on the ground next to Shiva. The process of making Kamandalu has deep spiritual significance. A ripe pumpkin is plucked from a plant, its fruit is removed and the shell is cleaned for containing the nectar. In the same way, an individual must break away from attachment to the physical world and clean his inner self of egoistic desires in order to experience the bliss of the Self, symbolized by the nectar in the Kamandalu.

· Nandi: The bull is associated with Shiva and is said to be his vehicle. The bull symbolizes both power and ignorance. The bull is called Vrisha in Sanskrit. Vrisha also means dharma (righteousness).

· Tiger skin: Tiger skin symbolizes potential energy. Lord Shiva, sitting on or wearing a tiger skin, illustrates the idea that he is the source of the creative energy that remains in potential form during the dissolution state of the universe.

· Cremation ground: Shiva sitting in the cremation ground signifies that he is the controller of death in the physical world.