Lucas Hedges isn't missing Oscar buzz

Los Angeles, Feb 9 (IANS) Actor Lucas Hedges has denied claims that he is missing out by not celebrating his Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor for "Manchester by the Sea".Speaking to Vulture, Hedges said that he doesn't fear of missing out (FOMO), reports"No FOMO! It's a bit challenging, but it's also my dream, to be doing this play ('Yen') and be nominated for all these awards. And I get to work for a theatre that's accommodating to me. I feel like I'm fitting in everything, not like I'm missing out on anything," Hedges said.Hedges missed out on joining his cast mates at the Golden Globes because the play was in rehearsals, but he wasn't nominated for a gong. But he made it to the recent Oscars nominees' lunch.