Lovelife of Rekha: These are the actors, Rekha has dated

New Delhi, Oct 9, News24 Bureau: The evergreen Rekha is among the few selected actresses of Bollywood, whose magic has remained on this stage of age. Born on October 10, 1954, Rekha is getting closer to 64 years old age this year. Do you know that Rekha, who was active for almost five decades in the film industry, entered Bollywood at the age of 15.

Rekha had to struggle enough to establish itself in the industry. Many ups and downs came in her reel and real life. During this time her name was linked with many film stars. These include names of Navin Nischol to Akshay Kumar. It is said that Rekha married Vinod Mehra secretly. But despite having many affairs, Rekha remained lonely.

It has been said that the first love of Rekha was Naveen Nischol, the hero of her Bollywood debut film 'Sawan Bhadon'. 

But, Yasir Usman has claimed in his book 'Rekha: An Untold Story' that Rekha first love was Jitendra, but Jitendra was committed to his air hostess girlfriend Shobha. So, this love story could not move forward and her first love remained incomplete After this, the heart of the Rekha came to Vinod Mehra.

According to reports, Rekha was married to Vinod Mehra. This marriage took place in Kolkata. After this Vinod Mehra took Rekha to his house. However, Vinod Mehra's mother Kamla Mehra did not accept Rekha as a daughter-in-law. It is reported that Kamla was aware of the past of Rekha that she is the daughter of the unmarried mother Pushpavati. That's why Kamala did not allow Rekha to enter the house. In this way, Vinod Mehra did not even do anything and the relationship broke. However, there is no evidence of the marriage between Rekha and Vinod Mehra.

After breaking the relationship with Vinod Mehra, famous actor Kiran Kumar came in the life of Rekha. But, this relationship wasn't approved by Kiran's father Jeevan. Due to this, Kiran also left Rekha and this small love story of Rekha also ended.

Amitabh and Jaya got married in 1973. A few years later, news of Amitabh and Rekha's affair started coming to headlines. It is said that Amitabh and Rekha came close to each other while shooting for the film 'Do Anjaane' in 1976. In 1981, Yash Chopra made the film 'Silsila' showing the relationship of Jaya-Amitabh and Rekha. Amitabh-Rekha was seen in the same film for the last time.

In 1990, Rekha was married to Delhi-based businessman Mukesh Aggarwal who died in a year. Let's tell you that only a few days after the marriage, the distance between Rekha and Mukesh grew. Rekha left Mumbai, leaving Mukesh. Mukesh also returned to Mumbai behind her. Then one day when Rekha was in London, Mukesh hanged himself with a fan in his flat and committed suicide, leaving a note, "Don't blame anyone".

In between 90s Rekha name was also linked to Akshay Kumar. Indeed, both stars had appeared in the movie 'Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi' and only when the discussion started with the close proximity of both of them. But, nothing can be said clearly about how much truth was in this matter.