Live: PM Modi addresses Indian community in Bahrain

PM Narendra Mod

Manama (Bahrain), Aug 24: PM Narendra Modi addressed the Indian diaspora after reaching here on Saturday.

Here are the main features of his speech:

- The lowest rate of internet data is in India: Modi

- Over the next five years, we will try to double the size of India's economy.

- Five trillion dollar economy is now an achievable target.

- If the size of the economy increases, the purchasing power of every Indian family will also increase.

- Over the last five years, we have built a strong foundation for economic success.

- I will visit Shrinathji Temple tomorrow and will pray for peace & prosperity in this country. It is also a matter of happiness that renovation of this temple will also officially begin tomorrow: Modi

-  It is the sacred festival of janmashtmi today. I wish you & the entire Indian community across the world on 'Krishna Janmotsav'.

- India has decided that we will multiply the size of our economy by twice in the upcoming 5 years. 5 trillion dollars economy in the target in front of us.  

- All of you know that on September 7, India's 'Chandrayaan' is going to land on the surface of moon. The entire world is discussing India's space missions today. The world is astonished that how are we able to gain these results in such small budget, using only our skills: Modi 

- When you talk to your family members in India, they tell you they feel a change in the environment. Do you feel a change in India? Do you see a change in the attitude of India? Confidence of India has increased or not? : Modi

- I am fortunate to be the first Indian PM to visit Bahrain: Modi

- I realise that it took a very long time for an Indian Prime Minister to make a visit to Bahrain: Modi

- I can't imagine that I am so far here while my friend has gone away. Some days ago, we lost our former Defence Minister Behen Sushma Ji. Today my friend Arun went away: Modi on Arun Jaitley.

- The entire world is discussing India's space missions today: Modi

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