LIVE Election Results 2019: I bow down before the people of India: Modi

New Delhi, May 23: The counting afer  the biggest electoral exercise on earth has started. Not only India, the entire world is keenly awaiting the outcome, will it be Narendra Modi 2.0 or it wilAddressing party workers after his bumper victory, PM Narendra Modi promised his body and time for the people of India. In a subtle response to his criticism on attacking Constitution, Modi said that Constitution is supreme and he will not be vindictive and will run the country "not by majority, but with consensus".  Taking a dig at the opposition, he said "secularists have been silenced". He added that he accepts mandate with humilty and promised that it will not make him authoritarian. 

-We had sought mandate for New India. People have accepted our appeal: Modi 

-I bow down before the people of India: Modi

-This is the biggest development in the a democracy across the world: Modi 

-Largest ever voting since Independence, reflects voter awareness: Modi 

-I want to thank EC, security forces for conduct of polls: Modi 

-This election was not contested by netas but by people of India: Modi

-If somebody has won it is Hindustan, democracy, people: Modi 

-BJP, NDA offers this victory at feet of people of India: Modi

-I assure all possible help to newly elected Govts under Constitution by following cooperative federalism: Modi

-We all BJP karyakartas believe in Bharat Mata ki Jai: Modi 

-Even when we 2, we never digressed from our path. We never stopped our hard work. This is speciality of BJP: Modi 

-We will never shed humbleness despite winning massive mandate: Modi 

-Political pundits have to get over the mindset of 20th century: Modi

-This is not Modi's victory: Modi 

- This victory is of helpless Indians who never got anything: Modi 

-This is victory of farmers, unorganised sector workers wo got pension, homeless and aspiring youth: Modi 

-This is victory of honest tax payer: Modi 

-Tax payer for the first time realised that money was being rightly used: Modi 

-This is victory for those crying for honesty: Modi 

-Secularism tag used to wash all your sins: Modi

-Now nobody is talking about secularism: Modi  

-This was first election when opposition could not hurl corruption charges. Price rise too was not an issue: Modi 

-This election has laid the foundation of New India with a bright future: Modi 

-We have laid a new narrative. It is end of caste games. Only two castes will be left in India, one is poverty and the other is of who want to take people out of poverty: Modi 

-This bumper mandate is a surprise for the entire world: Modi 

-Those hiding under mask of secularism have been exposed: Modi

-2019-2024 is time to honour freedom fighters. We should decide to get India of all problems during the period: Modi 

-Govt is formed by majority, country is run by consensus: Modi 

-We will move ahead with all our opponents with humility. We have to follow and work under Constitution: Modi 

-You have filled bag of this fakir with lot of expectations and aspirations: Modi 

-Constitution is supreme: Modi 

-Mandate has increased my responsibility: Modi 

-It is because of help of NDA members that I am here today: Modi 

-I will not be vindictive or work with ill-intention: Modi 

-I will not do anything for myself. My body and time is for people of India: Modi 

-I will try my best to walk my talk: Modi 

-Modi is world's most popular leader: Amit Shah 

-Modi is chief architect of today's victory: Shah

- I salute crores of BJP workers and people of India: Shah 

-Today's victory is biggest ever since Independence: Shah 

-This is victory of hard work by 11 cr BJP workers, work by Modi Govt, people of India: Amit Shah 

-This is victory of hard work by PM Modi: Shah 

-Whirlwind tour by immensely popular PM: Shah 

-After 50 years a majority Govt has been reelected with full majority: Shah 

-In 17 states we have garnered more than 50% votes: Shah 

-In 17 states/UTs Cong has got big Zero: Shah 

-Modi's popularity has finished appeasement, parivaarvad, jativaad: Shah 

-We have defeated SP-BSP, Cong in UP. This will finish dynastic politics: Shah

-For first time full majority BJP Govt has been formed in Arunachal: Shah 

-Despite rigging and violence, BJP won 18 seats in Bengal: Shah 

-Soon BJP will form Govt in Bengal: Shah 

-This is victory of Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas of BJP and defeat of Tukde-Tukde politics of opposition: Shah 

-What Modi has given, poor were waiting for 70 years: Shah

-BJP's victory is victory of negative, anti-national politics of opposition: Shah  

-Soon there will be not a state where BJP will not get electoral success: Shah

-Next 5 years of Modi will be the expansion era for BJP: Shah

-PM Modi will fulfill 75 promises by 2022 when we complete 75 yrs of Independence: Shah   

-Trends: BJP+ 349, Cong + 87, Others 106

-UP trends: BJP + 60, Cong 1+ Mahagathbandhan 19

-Maharashtra Leads: BJP+ 41, Cong + 5, Others 2

-W Bengal Leads: BJP+ 19, TMC 22, Cong+ 1

-Rajasthan Leads: BJP+25, Cong+ 0

-Bihar Leads: BJP + 39, Mahagathbandhan 1

-Delhi Leads: BJP+ 7, Cong+ 0, AAP 0

-Gujarat Leads: BJP+ 26, Cong+ 0

-MP Leads: BJP+ 28, Cong+ 1

PM Narendra Modi arrives at the BJP HQ 

Kejriwal congratulates Narendra Modi, tweets: 

-High command to be apprised of Sidhu's damaging remarks: Amarinder 

-Respect the mandate given by people, says Priyanka 

-Rahul loses Amethi by over 38,000 votes 

Smriti takes dig at Rahul after win.

-Rahul Gandhi offers to resign before Sonia: Sources to News24, Congress denies 

PM Narendra Modi , BJP members remove word Chowkidar from Twitter handle 

Big Breaking- Rahul Gandhi offers to resign, Sonia says CWC will decide: Sources

BJP's Gautam Gambhir, who is leading in East Delhi Lok Sabha seat, tweets taking a dig at rivals Atishi and Arvinder Singh Lovely 

Congress President Rahul Gandhi speaks to the media over Lok Sabha election results:

-I had said people are masters. I accept people's verdict. I congratulate PM Modi: Rahul Gandhi  

-It is fight between ideologies. Today Modiji, BJP has won. I congratulate them: Rahul

-Today is day of mandate. I don't want to colour the mandate. It doesn't matter what I say, people have decided that Modiji will be PM again: Rahul  

-I want to tell workers don't lose heart. We will fight the ideology and eventually win: Rahul 

-I want to congratulate Smriti Irani. I respect decision of people of Amethi. I want Smriti to take care of Amethi with love: Rahul 

-I reiterate that I will respond to all accusations with love: Rahul 

-I take all the responsibility for the defeat: Rahul 

Modi thanks BJP workers, India

-Imran Khan congratulates Modi, says looking forward for peace with India


-We accept public mandate with utmost humility: Gehlot 

-Arun Jaitley admitted to AIIMS 

-Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath must resign, says BJP 

-Farooq Abdullah wins Srinagar Lok Sabha seat 

-Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath must resign, says BJP 

-Rahul trails in Amethi, Smriti leads by 19K votes 

-Unprecedented performance': Advani congratulates Modi, Shah 

-Supriya Sule wins from Baramati 

-Anant Geete (Shiv Sena), Sushilkumar Shinde (Cong), Prakash Ambedkar lose in Maharashtra 

-Union Cabinet meeting to be held tomorrow. 

-News24TodaysChanakya hits bulls eye. NDA nears 350

-Trends: BJP+ 340, Cong + 91, Others 111

-UP trends: BJP + 59, Cong 1+ Mahagathbandhan 20

-Maharashtra Leads: BJP+ 40, Cong + 6, Others 2

-W Bengal Leads: BJP+ 17, TMC 24, Cong+ 1

-Rajasthan Leads: BJP+25, Cong+ 0

-Bihar Leads: BJP + 37, Mahagathbandhan 2

-Delhi Leads: BJP+ 7, Cong+ 0, AAP 0

-Gujarat Leads: BJP+ 26, Cong+ 0

-MP Leads: BJP+ 28, Cong+ 1

-Sonia Gandhi leads by over 95,000 votes in Rae Bareli

-Solid slap on my face, but will keep fighting for secular India: Prakash Raj after poll setback  

-Decisions taken by Rahul Gandhi led to divisions within the opposition, policies of the Congress scion opened the doors for Modi's victory: Atul Kumar Anjaan, CPI  

-Delhi: BJP President Amit Shah arrives at party Headquarters, welcomed by party workers. #ElectionResults2019 

-Congress President Rahul Gandhi leading with record 8,00,000 votes from Kerala's Wayanad. 

- Russia's President Vladimir Putin calls Prime Minister Narendra Modi to congratulate him over #ElectionResults2019 

-Trends: BJP+ 345, Cong + 88, Others 109

-UP trends: BJP + 61, Cong 1+ Mahagathbandhan 18

-Maharashtra Leads: BJP+ 40, Cong + 6, Others 2

-W Bengal Leads: BJP+ 18, TMC 22, Cong+ 1

-Rajasthan Leads: BJP+25, Cong+ 0

-Bihar Leads: BJP + 37, Mahagathbandhan 2

-Delhi Leads: BJP+ 7, Cong+ 0, AAP 0

-Gujarat Leads: BJP+ 26, Cong+ 0

-MP Leads: BJP+ 28, Cong+ 1

India wins yet again, says PM Modi as BJP heads for landslide win 

Japanese PM Shinzō Abe congratulates PM Narendra Modi in a telephonic conversation: ANI

China's Xi Jinping congratulates Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  

Ek Bar Phir Modi Sarkar, Thank You India says Amit Shah 

Former Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje thanks people of the state who, she said, voted for the "farsighted leadership" of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

-Trends: BJP+ 349, Cong + 87, Others 106

-UP trends: BJP + 60, Cong 1+ Mahagathbandhan 19

-Maharashtra Leads: BJP+ 40, Cong + 6, Others 2

-W Bengal Leads: BJP+ 18, TMC 22, Cong+ 1

-Rajasthan Leads: BJP+25, Cong+ 0

-Bihar Leads: BJP + 38, Mahagathbandhan 2

-Delhi Leads: BJP+ 7, Cong+ 0, AAP 0

-Gujarat Leads: BJP+ 26, Cong+ 0

-MP Leads: BJP+ 28, Cong+ 1

-BJP's Ravi Shankar Prasad leading over Congress's Shatrughan Sinha from Patna Sahib (Bihar) with a margin of 144249 votes. 

-BJP's Smriti Irani leading over Rahul Gandhi with 11226 votes from Amethi

-Trends: BJP+ 348, Cong + 85, Others 109

-UP trends: BJP + 59, Cong 1+ Mahagathbandhan 20

-Maharashtra Leads: BJP+ 41, Cong + 5, Others 2

-W Bengal Leads: BJP+ 18, TMC 22, Cong+ 1

-Rajasthan Leads: BJP+25, Cong+ 0

-Bihar Leads: BJP + 38, Mahagathbandhan 2

-Delhi Leads: BJP+ 7, Cong+ 0, AAP 0

-Gujarat Leads: BJP+ 26, Cong+ 0

-MP Leads: BJP+ 28, Cong+ 1

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata tweets on #LokSabhaElections2019 results,''Congratulations to the winners. But all losers are not losers'',

Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu congratulates Prime Minister #NarendraModi, says, "will continue to strengthen our friendship between India and Israel". 

-Patna Sahib, Bihar: Ravi Shankar Prasad (BJP) is leading ahead of Shatrughan Sinha (Congress) by 1,33,959 votes 

-Trends: BJP+ 344, Cong + 87, Others 111

-UP trends: BJP + 56, Cong 1+ Mahagathbandhan 23

-Maharashtra Leads: BJP+ 44, Cong + 3, Others 1

-W Bengal Leads: BJP+ 18, TMC 23

-Rajsthan Leads: BJP+24, Cong+ 1

-Bihar Leads: BJP + 38, Mahagathbandhan 2

-Delhi Leads: BJP+ 7, Cong+ 0, AAP 0

-Gujarat Leads: BJP+ 26, Cong+ 0

Sri Lanka Prime Minister Rani Wickremesinghe congratulates Narendra Modi

-Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur is leading over senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh by almost 1,54,000 votes in Bhopal. 

-Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia trailing from Guna in Madhya Pradesh 

-Trends: BJP+ 343, Cong + 87, Others 112

-UP trends: BJP + 58, Cong 1+ Mahagathbandhan 21

-Maharashtra Leads: BJP+ 44, Cong + 3, Others 1

-W Bengal Leads: BJP+ 19, TMC 22

-Rajsthan Leads: BJP+24, Cong+ 1

-Bihar Leads: BJP + 38, Mahagathbandhan 2

-Delhi Leads: BJP+ 7, Cong+ 0, AAP 0

-AP assembly election results: Chandrababu Naidu to submit resignation in evening

- Meanwhile, Andhra CM Naidu will meet governor in the evening and submit his resignation 

-YSR Congress leading on all 25 Lok Sabha seats in Andhra Pradesh 

-Breaking: BJP Parliamentary board meeting to be held later today. PM Modi to meet BJP workers at party office at 5.30 pm today 

-PM Modi has extended his lead to over 1,71,479 votes in Varanasi , leaving rival Congress candidate Ajay Rai far behind. 

-Sudhanshu Trivedi, BJP: This is the first election for a generation that opened its eyes in the 21st century, the millennium generation has voted & given a millennium mandate. I think we should wait for final results, the indications are now gradually settling down to same thing. 

-BJP leader Dr Sambit Patra leading by over 700 votes from Odisha's Puri Lok Sabha Constituency. 

-Modi's mother thanks people for son's victory 

-Bengal trends: BJP + 18, TMC 23 

-Trends: BJP+ 331, Cong + 100, Others 111

-UP trends: BJP + 53, Cong 2+ Mahagathbandhan 25

-Maharashtra Leads: BJP +39, Cong + 7, Cong 2

-W Bengal Leads: BJP 18+ 15, TMC 23

-Rajsthan Leads: BJP+25, Cong+ 0

-Bihar Leads: BJP + 37, Mahagathbandhan 3

-Delhi Leads: BJP+ 7, Cong+ 0, AAP 0

-BIG Breaking: Rahul-Priyanka may hold press conference soon 

-Trends : BJP + 343, Cong+ 98, Others 101 

-BJP holds leads in Delhi with  vote share of 57.6%

-Smriti Irani leads Rahul Gandhi over 4300 votes

-Rahul continues to hold lead in Wayanad, but trails in Amethi

-UP Trends: BJP + 54, Cong + 2, Mahagathbandhan 24 

-Bengal trends: TMC 24, BJP + 17 

-Maharashtra trends: BJP + 42, Cong + 5 

-Trends : BJP + 343, Cong+ 98, Others 101 

-Sensex crosses 40000 mark for the first time 

-Chhattisgarh leads: BJP +9, Cong + 2 

-Anantnag: Mehbooba Mufti at third place 

-Assam Trends: BJP + leads on 13 out of 14 seats 

-Priyanka reaches Rahul's residence 

-BIG breaking: NDA breaks previous highest of 336, leads in 345 

-Trends: BJP + 345, Cong + 95, Others 96 

-UP trends: Rahul trails in Amethi again 

-Chandrababu Naidu trailing for first time since 1983 polls 

-Trends : BJP + 336, Cong + 96, Others 89

-UP trends: BJP + 54, Cong + 2, Mahagathbandhan 22 

-BJP clean sweep in Gujarat, Himachal, Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttarakhand 

-Farooq Abdullah leads in Srinagar 

-Trends : BJP + 333, Cong + 95, Others 90

-Karnataka trends: BJP leading on 23 seats out of 28 

-UP trends: BJP + 56, Cong 1+ Mahagathbandhan 22

-Clean sweep for BJP in Gujarat 

-Trends: BJP+ 322, Cong + 97, Others 78

-UP trends: BJP + 56, Cong 1+ Mahagathbandhan 22

-Maharashtra Leads: BJP +35, Cong + 12, Cong 1

-Bengal Leads: BJP + 15, TMC 22

-Rajasthan Leads: BJP+25, Cong+ 0

-Bihar Leads: BJP + 36, Mahagathbandhan 4

-Trends: BJP+ 300, Cong + 100, Others 69

-UP trends: BJP + 51, Cong 2+ Mahagathbandhan 18 

-Maharashtra Leads: BJP +37, Cong + 12

-Bengal Leads: BJP + 13, TMC 20 

-Bihar Leads: BJP + 36, Mahagathbandhan 1  

-PM Narendra Modi leading by over 20,000 votes from UP's Varanasi, BJP President Amit Shah leading by over 50,000 votes from Gujarat's Gandhinagar  

-BJP's Ravi Shankar Prasad leading over Congress's Shatrughan Sinha from Patna Sahib 

-BJP's Supriyo ahead by nearly 2,000 votes in Bengal's Asansol against Moon Moon Sen 

-Trends: NDA crosses 300, Modi gets 3 times more than Rahul 

-Shatrughan Sinha trails 

-Trends: BJP+ 300, Cong + 100, Others 69

-Sultanpur: Maneka Gandhi trails 

Trend #Breaking: NDA wins majority

-Madhya Pradesh CM Kamal Nath leading with 7000 votes 

Sensex jumps 600 points as NDA nears majority 

-Trends: BJP+ 231, Cong+ 85, Others 59

- WB leads: TMC 16, BJP 3, Cong 1, Left 1

-UP leads: BJP + 42, Cong+ 2, Mahagathbandhan 16

-Bihar leads: BJP + 26, Gathbandhan 2 

-Rampur: Azam Khan leads 

BIG Breaking: Sensex up by 600 points as early trends show a return to power of NDA Govt

BJP heading for victory, Lalu routed in Bihar

-Trends: BJP+ 231, Cong+ 85, Others 59

- WB leads: TMC 16, BJP 3, Cong 1, Left 1

-UP leads: BJP + 42, Cong+ 2, Mahagathbandhan 16

-Trends: BJP+ 213, Cong+ 100, Others 61

- WB leads: TMC 13, BJP 7, Cong 2

-UP leads: BJP + 39, Cong+ 2, Mahagathbandhan 16

-Trends: BJP+ 170, Cong+ 88, Others 47

- WB leads: TMC 13, BJP 7, Cong 2

-UP leads: BJP + 25, Cong+ 7, Mahagathbandhan 16-WB leads: TMC 13, BJP 7, Cong 2

-Union minister and BJP candidate Ramesh Jigajinagi is leading by over 8,000 votes in Karnataka's Vijayapura after first round

-Senior Congress leaders Digvijaya Singh, Jyotiraditya Scindia and Vivek Tankha are trailing in Bhopal, Guna and Jabalpur respectively  

-Sonia Gandhi leading from Uttar Pradesh's Raebareli and Rahul Gandhi leading from Kerala's Wayanad. 

-Rahul Gandhi stretches his lead to 10,910 votes in Wayanad 

-Kanhaiya Kumar leads in Begusarai

-Bengal: : TMC 10 , BJP + 3  

-NC's Farooq Abdullah leading from Srinagar. 

-Trends: BJP+ 165, Cong + 80, Others 39 

-UP: BJP + 18, Cong + 8, Mahagathbandhan 12, Others 1 

-Trends: BJP + 150, Cong + 68, others 32

-Kirti Azad trails in Dhanbad 

-Baghpat: Jayant Chaudhary leads

-Azamgarh : Akhilesh leads

-UP: BJP+ 17, Cong + 8, Mahagathbandhan 10 

-Jyotiraditya Scindia trails in Guna

-Azamgarh : Akhilesh leads  

-UP: BJP + 17, Cong+ 1, Mahagathbandhan 7 

-Trends: Mahagathbandhan fails in UP, Bihar 

BIG BREAKING: NDA leads, Modi heading for 2nd term 

-Trends : BJP + 139, Cong 54+, Others 25 

-BJP's Manoj Tiwari and Gautam Gambhir leads in Delhi

-Urmila Matondkar leads in North Mumbai 

-Shivpal Yadav leads from Firozabad 

-BIG Breaking: Rahul trails in Amethi 

-UP: BJP + 17, Cong + 1, Mahagathbandhan 7

-Trends BJP + 82, Cong + 44, Others 18 

-UP: BJP+ 11, Cong + 2, Mahagathbandhan 7 

-Supriya Sule leads in Baramati 

-Mirzapur: Anupriya Patel leads 

-Karnataka: BJP + 6, Cong + 2 

-Kanhaiya Kumar trails 

-Raj Babbr trails in Fatehpur Sikri 

-Union minister VK Singh leads in Ghaziabad 

-Trends: BJP + 75, Cong + 43, Others 15 

-UP: BJP + 9, Cong + 2, Mahagathbandhan 6 

-BJP heading for clean sweep in Rajasthan, MP 

-Rahul Gandhi leads in Amethi 

-Sonia leads in Rae Bareli 

-Patliputra (Bihar): Lalu's daughter Misa Bhart trails 

-Amritsar: Union Minister Hardeep Puri trails 

-Trends: BJP + 55, Cong + 30, Others 12

-Amit Shah leads in Gandhinagar

-UP: BJP + 9 , Mahagathbandhan 6

-Allhabad: Rita Bahugana Joshi trails

-Sunny Deol leads in Gurdaspur

-Trends: BJP+ 50, Cong + 30, Others 8 

-UP: BJP + 9, Mahagathbandhan 5 ; Mulayam leads in Mainpuri 

-Bihar : BJP + 2, Gathbandhan 1 

-Bengal: BJP 2, TMC 3 

-Alwar (Rajasthan): Bhanwar Jitendra Singh of Cong leads 

-Rahul leads in Wayanad 

-Shashi Tharoor trails 

-Rajsthan: BJP heading towards sweep 

-Rajasthan: Ashok Gehlot's son Vaibhav trails 

-Trends: BJP + 30, Cong+ 7, Others 7 

-Lucknow Rajnath leads

-Sadhvi Pragaya leads against Digvijay

-Supaul (Bihar): JD (U) leads 

-Patiala: Congress leads 

-UP BJP + 7. Mahagathbandhan 4 

-Trends BJP + 21 Cong 6+ Others 5

-Rajasthan BJP + 6, Cong + 2

-Trends BJP + 19, Cong + 6, Others 5

-UP Trends: BJP + 6, Gathbandhan 2

-Bengal TMC 4, BJP 1

-Trends : BJP+ 5, Cong+ 2, Others 3

- 6 trends: BJP+ 4, Cong+ 2

  • Postal ballots will be counted first
  • Fate of 8,040 candidates to be decided today
  • Grand welcome planned for Modi at BJP office
  • Counting of votes for #LokSabhaElections2019 to begin at 8am ; Visuals from outside a counting centre in Guwahati.
  • Congress should not insult indian democracy: Ravi Shankar Prasad
  • This year's victory will be historic: Ravi Shankar Prasad
  • In 10 years did Manmohan singh ever question EVMs: Ravi Shankar Prasad
  • Next Govt of Cong, Rahul will be PM: Ajay Makan

  • I'm hopeful of defeating Congress' Mallikarjun Kharge. Modi will be PM again: Umesh Jadhav, BJP candidate from Kalaburagi,Karnataka.
  • I am sure we will win. I am confident I will be able to contribute to legislation and policy making in this: Bengaluru South BJP candidate Tejasvi Surya.
  • US says it is confident about fairness, integrity of Indian elections 

What EXIT POLLS said

The News24 Todays Chanakya Poll  shows clean sweep for BJP in Hindi heartland. As per the poll, NDA is likley to get over 350 seats, while the BJP may cross the 300 mark. What may be shocking for  Rahul Gandhi is the finding that Congress may not better its 2014 tally of 44.            

7 Major findings of the #News24TodaysChanakya Poll:1. Mayawati- Akhilesh Yadav alliance has failed in UP. BJP with allies is seen getting around 65 seats, while SP-RLD-BSP is estimated to get 13 seats and Congress may manage just 2

2. BJP has made major inroads in Mamata Banerjee's Bengal and Naveen Patnaik's Odisha

3. Cong has failed to make any dent in Gujarat4. BJP clean sweep in Congress-ruled Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

5.  Near sweep for DMK in Tamil Nadu. BJP fails to make inroads

6. Modi wave breaches Captain Amarinder's fort in Punjab too.

7. Lalu, gathbandhan have failed to stop Modi tsunami in Bihar      

Some  exit polls predicted big losses for the BJP in Uttar Pradesh, where it had won 71 seats in 2014, but the saffron party appeared to make major gains in other states.

Times Now telecast two exit polls giving the NDA 296 and 306 seats, while projecting 126 and 132 for the Congress-led UPA.

The CVoter-Republic exit poll has forecast 287 and 128 seats for the NDA and UPA respectively.

However, ABP News-Nielsen and Neta-NewsX predicted that the ruling alliance may fall short of a majority as they respectively gave it 267 and 242 seats. ABP News and NewsX predicted 127 and 164 seats respectively for the UPA.

Elections to 542 seats of the Lok Sabha ended Sunday. The Election Commission has deferred election for Vellore in Tamil Nadu over allegations of misuse of money power.

The counting of votes is slated for May 23.

The CNN News18-Ipsos exit poll said the BJP-led alliance can win a whopping 336 seats with the saffron party getting a majority on its own. It projected only 46 seats for the Congress and 82 for its allies.

In 2014, the NDA had won 336 seats and the Congress 44. The BJP had notched up its maiden majority by bagging 282 seats.

Several exit polls predicted that the SP-BSP alliance is likely to trump the BJP in the country's politically most crucial state Uttar Pradesh. The BJP had won 71 and its ally Apna Dal two of its 80 seats in 2014.

The CVoter-Republic forecast gave the grand alliance in UP 40 seats against 38 for the NDA, while the Jan Ki Baat said the NDA may win 46-57 seats against 15-29 of the SP-BSP combine.

ABP News predicted a huge loss for the BJP in the state, saying it may win only 22 seats while the opposition alliance may emerge victorious in 56 constituencies.

In West Bengal, CVoter-Republic and ABP said the BJP may win 11 and 16 (of the 42 seats) respectively, a big improvement on its tally of two in 2014.

West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee dismissed the exit polls as a "gossip" and a gameplan to "replace" EVMs.

"I don't trust Exit Poll gossip. The game plan is to manipulate or replace thousands of EVMs through this gossip. I appeal to all Opposition parties to be united, strong and bold. We will fight this battle together," she tweeted.

News channel ABP said the BJP in Odisha may win nine seats. It had won only one in 2014.

Exit polls in the country have had mixed record on accuracy and quite often their projections have been way off the actual results.

However, Congress ally and National Conference leader Omar Abdullah, said every single exit poll cannot be wrong. "Time to switch off the TV, log out of social media & wait to see if the world is still spinning on its axis on the 23rd (May)," he tweeted.

Some social media users pointed out that election results in Australia proved most psephologists and news polls wrong.

News24 Bureau/ Agencies

Photo: Google