Little girls, cheer up! Women Cricket has fame, money and laurels

Renu Baliyan, New Delhi, Nov 14: Women cricketers in India had remained neglected for years. They were brutally ignored while their male counterparts enjoyed immense benefits and were even worshiped finding themselves on a higher pedestal. However, things are no more the same. In this year's Women World Cup, lots of things have changed. Indian women's cricket took centre stage in this year's world cup and women cricketers have finally forayed in the national consciousness after a long period of struggle. 

Indian women's cricket has produced the likes of captain Mithali Raj, Harmanpreet Kaur, and Smriti Mandhana who were sheer joy to watch in this year's world cup. 

However, the dream of winning the world cup could not be realised this year on July 23 when the women cricket team witnessed a middle and lower order batting collapse and lost by few runs against England in a nail-biting finish. 

However, this world cup changed plenty of things for women cricketers in India. They are no more ignored now and get immense respect. They may have been beaten in the final but the women cricketers were praised for holding on till the end. 

Mithali Raj, captain of Indian women’s cricket team said till a couple of years back, playing cricket was considered ‘improper’ for women. “Women’s cricket has given a new platform to women,” Mithali said. Every achievement brought with it a flood of expectations, adding only hard work was not enough. Drawing a strategy before beginning work was equally important, she added.

Talking about the prospect of a women’s Indian Premier League (IPL), India women’s cricket team opener Smriti Mandhana said, “Women’s IPL will be a great thing. The domestic players will get to play with the international stars. I’m sure BCCI will think about it.”


The big change in approach towards women cricket will offer great avenues to young and budding women cricketers who until now were discouraged to make their foray in cricket. 

For years, women’s cricket was treated with a certain amount of disdainfulness, a sport in which there was minimal,if any interest. There was no endorsements, no publicity, it was not even considered elegant enough to watch for long periods. But no more now. 

So what are you waiting for? If you have a love towards this sports then hone your skills and earn the name and fame associated with it.