Lindsay Lohan ready to talk about Tarabasov

Los Angeles: Actress Lindsay Lohan is willing to appear on a popular Russian TV show to discuss her relationship and breakup with Egor Tarabasov -- but it will come at a heavy price. She has demanded a lot of money and fancy stuff, including a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in return for the interview, reports  People behind the popular show "Pust Govoryat" have invited Lohan to the show via a letter, in which they say: "Please send the list of demands."  The 30-year-old star has sent them a list of her requests, which include 500,000 British pounds and a private jet with "hair, make-up and manicurist" on board. She also wants a personal security team, one year Russian visa with extension, a Ritz-Carlton penthouse suite as well as a chance to see Putin and take photographs with him. Lohan is negotiating with the show's executives and some of her demands have already been met, the report said.  Lohan and Tarabasov, a Russian businessman, split after public fights and a cheating allegation. Amid the drama, a video surfaced online showing the actress yelling at her then-fiance on the balcony of her London apartment and accusing him of trying to kill her.