'Like lighting, colour grading important for films too'

Mumbai, April 11 (IANS) As a finishing touch, colour grading adds a vital essence in creating a mood for a film, says an official of Prime Focus, which has for the third consecutive year delivered colour grading and finishing services for the National Award-winner for Best Cinematography.

This time, it has scored a success with Tamil film "24".

Niraj Sanghai, Senior Vice President, Film Sales, Prime Focus, said in a statement: "Like lighting, colour contributes to creating the desired mood and feel of a particular space and, therefore, what viewers interpret when that space is being presented on the big screen. Colour grading adds an extremely vital part in the process of finalizing an image, or a particular shot.

"In that sense, it lends one of the most important tweaks to the final product that goes out in theatres for audiences to watch and consume. A good post-production is at the heart of qualitative colour grading, and Prime Focus has played an important role in its numerous National Award-winning successes."

The company was also the post-production partner for 12 winners of National Awards this year namely "Ventilator", "Cycle", "Rustom", "Dhanak", "Dashakriya", "Abba", "The Cinema Travellers", "Neerja", "Janatha Garage", "24", "Dangal" and "Mukti Bhawan".