Let's become incorruptible: Kamal Haasan

Chennai, Feb 8 (IANS) Reacting to the current political turmoil in Tamil Nadu, actor-filmmaker Kamal Haasan on Wednesday said there's no use blaming corrupt politicians.

He suggested that people should become incorruptible.

"We've wasted our freedom years gambling our franchise on wrong and corrupt politicians. Let's stop blaming them. Let's become incorruptible," Haasan tweeted.

He also said that the entire country will fight for Tamil Nadu in a "civil war of ahimsa".

"None might die but the ignorant will come alive," he added.

Calling out his fellow actors to react on the stand-off between AIADMK leaders O. Panneerselvam and Sasikala, he tagged actor R. Madhavan in a tweet.

"Madhavan, please talk on crisis in Tamil Nadu. We have a voice with decibel levels not conducive to bad politics. You can also disagree but do it loud please," he wrote.

In reply to Haasan's tweet, Madhavan shared a series of posts.

He said: "Sir, we have always discussed how TN should be the best state in the world, leave alone India. With the talent and potential we have, we should have been an example to the world."

Madhavan highlighted that the state needs "right leadership and right intent to harness that volcanic expertise".

"This is the time we nudge in the right direction. The whole state needs to believe that and make themselves heard. And I am very sure that will happen as this the right time. Speak up folks. This is your time to be heard."

Haasan also clarified that his account hasn't been hacked.

"Just because I'm not saying expected things doesn't mean I'm bought or hacked. Agree to disagree. I like you, I am my own man," he tweeted.