Leto doubts Hollywood is ready for gay leading man

Los Angeles: Actor Jared Leto, who stars as Joker in the film "Suicide Squad", feels that Hollywood is not yet ready for a gay leading man. The 44-year-old actor also argued that Hollywood is still an extremely conservative place especially when it comes to opportunities for LGBT actors, reports ew.com.  “I definitely don't think a gay leading man would have the same opportunities as a straight leading man,” Leto told GQ Style magazine.  “I don't think that. Not for a single second. I don't know if that's offensive or not, but that's my thought right now. It shouldn't be that way. I don't think you'll have as many opportunities," he added.  Leto also held similar views for minorities in the industry.  "And I think you could say the same for minorities. What a word, ‘minority'. Have we taken that word off the list yet? Because it should be. Anyway, no, I think that this is still a very conservative business," Leto said.