Let Gujaratis rest assured, they have a Gujarati PM and a Gujarati CM to take care

New Delhi, Dec 2: The News24 Conclave Gujarat Manthan witnessed a high voltage and interactive session of the Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani and News24 Editor-in-chief Anuradha Prasad. In this stormy session not 'very comfortable' questions were fired to the CM to which the latter responded enthusiastically.

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, Gujarat Election, development issues of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, youth leaders Hardik Patel Alpesh Thakore, Jignesh Mewani and others playing a major role in the forthcoming Gujarat Assembly Elections were the main topics around which the discussion revolved.

The Gujarat CM started the session with a scathing attack on Congress in general and Rahul Gandhi in particular. He said that the same Rahul Gandhi, who earlier had shown no interest in religion is now seen visiting all temples all of a sudden and this is intriguing.
Gujarat Rupani siad emphatically that for BJP it's development which is their main agenda. "We are marching ahead on the chariot of success amidst all criticism because we are focused on issues related to development. Taking a snide at Congress he said that 'notebandi' has become 'votebandi' for Congress. Congress policies are going against them.
Reacting to a pointed question that why development issues are not giving enough confidence to BJP and they have to rake in the issue of Hindutava and religion every now and then Rupani said that actually it is the Congress and Rahul Gandhi who look confused. Congress vice president is on a temple-visiting spree.
On PM Modi's multiple visits to Gujarat the chief minister said that earlier when Congress leaders like Sonia Gandhi, Chidamabaram, Kapil Sibbal made a bee-line, no one objected.
Taking a diplomatic stand on the waiving off loans of the farmers of Gujarat, Rupani said that they would rather provide basic facilities to the farmers, like electricity, fertiliizers, seeds etc and not more than this. 
On the reservation issue the CM was quite blunt as he said that Congress is acting in a very irresponsible manner as it knows that it can never come to power and therefore the need to respect the commitment does not arise at all. But this is dirty politics, he said bitterly.
On the youth leaders taking up the cudgels of Patidars he said that these leaders cannot be trusted as they all have sat in the lap of Congress and therefore the fire from the movement has got diffused. 

On Congress' escalating popularity Rupani said that the crowd in his rallies are more than that of Rahul's and Congress can do no harm to BJP as it has  a narrow vision rotating around a single family. In BJP, he said, all major decisions are taken jointly and not by individuals. "How can they digest a 'chaiwala' becoming the Prime Minister of India," he aske.
From the dias of the Gujarat Manthan Conclave the CM promised to give all co operation and help to the martyr's family. Her daughter was pushed out of the CM's rally.
The CM appeared relaxed that they have no threat from the Opposition as they will emerge stronger after the Assembly elections. People of Gujarat should rest assured because the coming days will see them proposer  as at the center they have a Gujarati PM and at the state they have a Gujarati CM, so all their interests are will be taken care of in the best possible way. At least this is what the chief minister of Gujarat feels.

Forthcoming Gujarat Assembly Election is one of the most eagerly awaited events for obvious reasons. Gujarat is majorly seen as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home turf and elections here are a closely watched affair seen as a barometer of the PM’s popularity. 
The elections in Gujarat have become furthermore interesting with the Patidars playing an important role in this time. What is adding to the intense drama is the Congress lending out an olive branch to the PAAS and its pet cause. So though apparently it appears to be advantage Congress, but this can be true only to some extent. Both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi are leaving no stone unturned and the verbal war is on a day-to-day basis.
Keeping all these points in mind your channel News24 organized a conclave in Ahmadabad on 2nd Dec 2017; aptly named ‘Manthan Gujarat’.  News24 prsented a package full of facts, drama and showdowns.