The laws are not to earn money but to protect lives, says Nitin Gadkari in Aamne Samne

New Delhi, Sept 12: Editor-in-Chief Anuradha Prasad talks to Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari and shoots questions that every Indian wants to ask after the new motor vehicle act has been enforced. 

The following are the main response to the queries:

-The law is amended after elaborate consultation, won't be changed.

-There is no rolling back of the new fines on the motor vehicle act.

-The laws are to protect lives not earn money.

-Maximum lives are lost in road rage and road accidents.

-50 percent lives can be saved with these new laws.

-I've paid for challans.

-The state government s are free to make changes but then they will have to take the responsibility of the outcome.-I agree that there is slowdown  in the auto sector. But I assure you that the condition will improve in coming months.

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