Lawrence to join all-female 'Ocean's Eleven' reboot?

Los Angeles: Actress Jennifer Lawrence is said to be discussing joining the all-female "Ocean’s Eleven" remake with actress Sandra Bullock. The "Silver Linings Playbook" actress, if confirmed for a role in the reboot, would be reunited with her "The Hunger Games" director Gary Ross, whom she reportedly attempted to join for two other movies that did not get made, reports  The script, which is reportedly being penned by "Little Women" screenwriter Olivia Milch, will see Bullock arrange the theft of a necklace from the Met Ball in New York City, and an attempt to frame a gallery owner for the crime. It is also reported that Lawrence would be set to play Bullock’s sidekick.  George Clooney, who will take a producing role in the movie, is also rumoured to be getting some screen time, although it is thought he may adopt a cameo purely to link the films together. There has been no word on whether his co-stars Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Julia Roberts and Don Cheadle will return to the fold, or who the other female stars will be.