Laser beams will replace bullets!

Shooting ranges may become bullet free all across the world if International Olympic Committee (IOC) approves the decision. With this shooters will be firing laser beams at the targets. IOC is planning to introduce this change as it involves a lot of difficulties to travel with weapons and other factors like lack of television appeal for the sport. However, the shooting fraternity is not happy with this change.   

According to a report in 'The Indian Express', These apprehensions gained momentum when, earlier this week, the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) decided to scrap three key events from its Olympic programme after being told by the IOC to make the sport more gender-neutral and youth-friendly.

Shooters fear the next big change will be the introduction of laser pistols and rifles. Currently, shooters use ammunition for three key events – rifle, pistol and shotgun. “That’s the future — laser shooting. Slowly and gradually, we are moving in that direction, at least in the pistol and rifle (events),” said Italy’s Daniele di Spigno, who has competed in four Olympics and once held a team world record in double trap.

It was in February last year that the IOC formally made the proposal on laser shooting to the ISSF. IOC sports director Kit McConnell had met the shooting federation’s secretary, Franz Schreiber, and vice-president Gary Anderson at the ISSF’s headquarters last February.