Lady Gaga's fake exposed

Houston, Feb 6: With her high-flying entrance on stage from the rooftop of Houston's NRG stadium, Pop star Lady Gaga's 13-minute Halftime performance at the Super Bowl was mic-dropping. 

Donning an embellished silver body suit, the 30-year-old star kicked off the show with a moving rendition of "This Land Is Your Land" and "God Bless America" before dropping into the arena to the synth strings of her hit track "Poker Face." 

As TV viewers watched in surprise as the singer seemingly plummeted 260ft into the NRG Stadium from the rim, all was not as it seemed.

Footage of the jump was recorded earlier, with Gaga actually starting her performance suspended on a safety wire about halfway up.

The diva momentarily stole the attention from the Patriots and Falco when she belted her 2008 track "Just Dance". 

Gaga glided from microphone to keytar to piano throught her performance. She even gave a shout-out to her parents in the audience.

"How ya doin' tonight, Texas, America, world. We're gonna make you feel good," Gaga screamed. 

The singer ended the show by crooning her greatest hit of all time "Bad Romance." She dropped her mic and caught a 

football mid-air as she jumped from the stage and fireworks signalled the end of halftime.