Kylie Jenner forced to leave event by anti-fur protestors

Las Vegas, April 24 (IANS) Reality TV personality Kylie Jenner had to leave early during the grand opening of a restaurant here after a group of anti-fur protestors barged in and shouted at her.

Right after Kylie arrived on the red carpet on April 23, the protesters forced her to go inside the restaurant, reports

In a video obtained by the news portal, the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star is seen posing for the press when the protestors arrived holding posters of tortured animals. None of them got physical, but they managed to scream, "Kylie Jenner, you have blood on your hands!" 

After hearing the screams, Kylie looked a little upset before deciding to leave the scene. 

She ignored the protestors and quickly walked towards the restaurant. 

The activists were still screaming at her as she left, stating that she was guilty of animal cruelty in the past.