Kohli's secret food.. Try it, remain fit

New Delhi, Oct 7: There is a good news for all Virat Kohli fans and especially for those who are vegetarian and wanted their captain to turn vegan. 

Yes, according to reports, the captain of Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli has turned vegetarian and the cricketer has apparently benefitted a lot after giving up non-vegetarian. Virat gave up anmal protein (meat) nearly four months back and became vegetarian. Now the captain's healthy diet includes vegetables, shakes, soya. 

It is a known fact that Kohli is a foodie who had a great liking for biryani and he has even given up eggs and dairy products as well. 

According to reports, the transformation has been shown some amazing result for the captain. Not only Virat is in great shape and prime fitness physically, the diet also seems to have helped him mentally."Kohli started this diet four months back and is feeling stronger as his digestive power has increased. He isn't missing meat, eggs or dairy," according to Times of India.

Kohli's diet has had a calming influence on his personality and temperament - the results of which can be seen on the cricket field - both in his batting and leadership.

Anushka Sharma, the famous actress and Kohli's wife, had also turned vegetarian around the same time as her husband. But in Kohli's case, the change was planned well in advance. "Two years ago when he was on a normal diet he had stated that he would go vegan if given a choice. He is now feeling stronger than before," the report further said.