Kohli earns Rs 5 crore in just one day, know how he spends

New Delhi: Of late, on field he may not be making runs expected of him, but off field he is making money much more than what his fans expect him to earn. We are talking about Indian Cricket Captain Virat Kohli.    

Kohli has hiked his endorsement fee to a whopping Rs 5 crore per day for fresh contracts. This is the highest by any celebrity in the country, and this fees puts the 28-year cricketer on par with the global sports star.

The increase comes after a series of victory on the back of his spectacular form before hitting a rough patch in the Australia series. 

Earlier he used to charge between Rs 2.5 crore and Rs 4 crore a day, reports the Economic Times. The hike coincides with his renegotiation of contract with Pepsi. Sources say Kohli is not very sure about going ahead with deal due to health concerns linked with colas. Most celebrities are now very conscious about their public image.  

Kohli's fees is more than what MS Dhoni charged at his peak, and what the current most sought after celebrities like Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh charge

Celebrity Fees

Virat Kohli     Rs 5 crore/day

MS Dhoni        Rs 3-3.5 crore/day

Shah Rukh Khan  Rs 3-3.5 crore/day

Aamir Khan    Rs 3-3.5 crore/day

PV Sindhu       Rs 1-1.25 crore/day

Companies usually sign deals with celebrities for two to four days in a year. then the celebs are aksed to shoot for Ads on these contracted days. They may also be called at the promotional events of the companies. A Rs 5 crore/day fees means Rs 20 crore earning from one company in one year for just four days.

18 Brands have signed Kohli

Kohli recently signed a 8-year, Rs 110-crore deal with German sportswear Puma, a first by any Indian. Virat also endorses Tissot watches, Audi cars, MRF tyres, Gionee phones, Boost, Colgate,Vicks,etc.

He not only earns pots of money, but a smart investor too. he has investments in a Chisel chain of gyms, tech startup Sports Convo, a fashion label Wrogn and is partners with Nazara Technologies for online cricket games.