Kohli earns Rs 4 crore/day!

New Delhi:  It’s ‘Achhe Din’ for Virat Kohli, both on and off field. This purple patch got an added  sheen after he was appointed captain of all three formats of cricket. His brand value is heading for space, to say the least.  

Wins, double centuries, give-it-back attitude and the killer instinct. Add fitness, good looks and youthful exuberance to this, you get a cocktail that is hard to resist for any company seeking a celebrity for endorsement. No wonder, Puma signed him up for a Rs 110-crore deal. Foll owing the deal, his brand is worth Rs 4 crore per day. In simple terms, that’s what his charges are.

With smart cricketing brains, he has smart business sense also. He is currently endorsing 17 brands. The on-field prowess with a  smart and suave personality makes him one of the most sought after youth icons. He is enjoying the moment, and encashing it too. 

His big-time endorsement run  started in 2014 with a Rs 10-crore deal with Adidas, It’s no looking back since then. Kohli  knows since cricket is unpredictable, shelf life of a cricketer too is short. So he is  making the most in his good times. With most youngsters seeing him as their role model, this dream doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon for Kohli. With the original  in hiding, for now, he is the ‘King of Good Times’.